Giving my best head..~

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Yes ♥ I put my heart to it..

My first time experiencing Threesome!~ ♥

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Oh.. maybe the best feeling I've ever had ♥

do you like black lingerie too? ♥

Black guy making me give him a head.. uhm.. ♥ love it~

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Just met him a few hours ago and he asked if he could use the comfort room in my apartment..~ and the next thing i know he's already pushing me down(gently ♥) and pulling my head towards his big.. uhm.. ♥

Naked Monday!

Doggy while wearing my micro-mini skirt ♥

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yes.. it's my favorite position ♥

First time with a black guy~ ♥ oh my.. ♥ ♥ ♥

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As my followers already know..~ i love being dominated. And he did just that.. ♥

I don't usually go on top.. but when I do.. ♥

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I usually prefer getting dominated and being controlled by my partner..~ but when he asks me to ride him. I give my hear to it ♥

A relaxing warm bath on a 5star hotel..~ ummm

Doggy while wearing my Egyptian Princess lingerie ♥

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       There's nothing like the feeling of wearing one of your sexiest lingerie while having sex ♥

Bought this really cute lingerie today ♥

@Miami Hotel Part II (morning sex) ♥

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In the morning, a few minutes after waking up ♥

@Miami Hotel ♥

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Met a great guy at a Miami club~ We danced and he made me horny just by grinding me and making me feel his hard ummm.. you know what i mean ♥ and the rest is history.